Who is this course for?

Learn How Play can Significantly Improve Your Family life.

If you are currently caring for a child, who presents some challenges, is living with Attention Deficit Disorder, Behavioural issues, or has issues concentrating on tasks this course is for you. 

If your child is newly placed with you and you are all still getting to know each other this course is for you. 

The course: Building Attachment Through Play, is a comprehensive, accessible, and very practical course, for adopters and foster carers in using play to help your child and you build a great relationship. so if you are planning to care for a child, it will give you really simple strategies to develop a strong and nurturing relationship with your newly placed child. 

The Surviving lockdown session is provided as a great opportunity to experienced Kelley and Yoni's relaxed and friendly style. 

In these 5 sessions, of over two hours of training content, you will have a really practical guide to getting the best from yourself and your child.

Course curriculum

  • 1

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    • A message from your instructor: Yoni

  • 2

    Session One: An Introduction to Relationship Based Play

    • Session 1_ An Introduction to _Let’s Play_ Relationship Based Play (RBP)

  • 3

    Session Two: The Different Facets of Play

    • Session 2_Let’s Play!_ An introduction to Relationship Based Play.

  • 4

    Session Three: Having a Great Christmas

    • Session 3_ Having a Great Christmas

  • 5

    Session Four: Surviving Lock Down For Adopters and Foster Carers

  • 6

    Session Five: Questions and Answers about Play Therapy, Adoption and Fostering

    • FREE BONUS VIDEO: Question and Answers about play therapy, adoption and fostering

    • How can I learn more strategies to help my adoptive or fostered child settle in our family?

  • 7

    Do you want to go deeper with Us Learning Relationship Based Play?

    • A Practical Course to build your child's confidence and Attachment using Relationship Based Play (RBP)

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Play Therapist

Keeley Craw

Keeley, PG Dip and BA Hons is a Play Therapist with 13 years’ experience of practice working with children residential care, adoptive and foster care and children in need or at risk who are still living at home or in kinship care. Keeley has also been a manager and area manager for a large organisation who provide school based counselling services. She also supports therapists in their own practices. Keeley has recently set up a private counselling practice focused on supporting women during pregnancy and the post natal period. Before training as a therapist Keeley was also an assistant social worker, a teacher and a project worker on a number of multidisciplinary teams focused on supporting children and families in crisis. Keeley has worked with children for over 25 years and is a mum of two young children.

Founder of Diversity Adopt

Yoni Ejo

Yoni, BA Hons, MA and CQSW in social work. An Adoption Coach, Yoni was transracially adopted herself as a child and has adopted with her civil partner welcoming two girls, into their home who are now teenagers. Yoni is a social worker and manager, having worked with young people, care leavers, adopters, and foster carers over her thirty-year career. She has been a Director within the health service as well as CEO of a charity providing residential care and family support. Yoni has also sat on adoption and fostering panels for half of this period, so has extensive knowledge of the requirements of adopters. She is currently Trustee of New Family Social the support charity for LGBTQ+ adopters and foster carers.